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kyuuun's Journal

23 June
I am currently living in the USA and going to school at a small Alternative high school. I am not educationally-oriented --- I failed all my classes this semester. But I am determined to succeed in life, whatever it takes to find my way to Massu. Don't worry; I'm not a psycho. Think about it: stars are people, too. So why is it so pathetic for one to fall in love with a star? It just takes a little more work than the average. I just have more of a disadvantage than alot of people who actually live in Japan.

Warning: I am one of those insane fangirls you hope never reaches Massu; I actually have plans. But if you want to bear witness to my crazy adventures, go right ahead. But if you don't like it, don't read it.
30 rock, animals are kawaii, chakushin ari, eating yummy food, humor in general, info-hunting on massu, kingone wang, learning to cook, madagascar, mangas with cute boys, mib, news, perfume, tegomasu